Elliott Chevin

Deputy Grand Superintendent

About Elliott

A father of son, Taylor and daughter, Ruby and husband to Natalie. Elliott lives in Loughton and works for Apple Inc. where he manages Operations for Europe, Middle East and India. His maternal grandfather and father both being involved in Freemasonry, it seemed inevitable he would join. 

Initiated (by his father) into Earlham Lodge in November 1999, becoming Master in 2006. Took the office of Lodge DC in 2009 and Secretary in 2013. Joined Essex Masters’ Lodge in 2007, Essex Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge in 2008. Received Grand Rank honours as an Acting Assistant Grand Standard Bearer in 2017, which coincided with the tercentenary year. 

Exalted (by his father) into Earlham Chapter in 2005, becoming Zerubbabel in 2010. Took the office of DC in 2012 and Scribe E in 2014. Joined Essex First Principals’ Chapter in 2012 and Essex Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter in 2013. Became Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals in 2017. Grand Rank honours as an Acting Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2017. Third Provincial Grand Principal in 2019. 

Initiated into Whitestone Mark Lodge in 2016. 
Founding Chairman of the Essex Cornerstone Club. 
Primus Master of the Essex Cornerstone Lodge in 2019. 
Joiner and Chaplain of Bear & Ragged Staff Lodge in 2019. 
Also has an additional duty of leading the communications portfolio for the Province.

The communications team is headed by Peter Low, reporting to Elliott, who is the executive sponsor of the group. This ensures consistency, relevance and priority is shared between the entire executive and the team managing communications for the province.

Elliott Chevin