John Crudgington

Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

List of Chapters

  • 214 Hope and Unity
  • 51 Patriotic
  • 1000 Priory
  • 1024 Plume
  • 1280 Walden
  • 1312 Chapter of St Mary
  • 1343 St. Johns
  • 1734 Trinity
  • 1977 Blackwater
  • 2256 Warner
  • 2291 West Ham Abbey
  • 2339 Mistley
  • 2903 Westcliff
  • 2949 Le-Soken
  • 3079 Rainham
  • 3090 Roding
  • 4161 Monkhams
  • 4219 Abbeygate
  • 4221 St. Phillip
  • 4559 Wennington
  • 4738 Tollesbury
  • 5225 Thundersley
  • 5621 Loxford
  • 6920 Abbs Cross
  • 7266 Earlham
  • 7808 Crossed Keys
  • 9054 Chapter of Borrowed Light
  • 9143 Frederick Leistikow
  • 9623 Belmont
  • 9766 Grays and Orsett Daylight

About John

John was born in Brentwood in 1949 and has lived in Billericay for the last 35 years so hasn’t strayed too far from the nest. He spent most of his working career in the car industry, initially for Ford Motor Company before moving across to the retail side where he managed the new and used car businesses for a number of Ford Main Dealerships before retiring in 2009. John has a grown up family and lives with his long suffering wife Carole and their two dogs, four hens and several hundred goldfish. He enjoys a game of golf and has been an active member of the Round Table organisation for over 30 years.

John was initiated into the Essex Hinge of Friendship Lodge No 9296 in its Consecration year in 1989 and became Worshipful Master in 2000. He was exalted into Abbots Hall Chapter No 6205 in 1993 and served as MEZ in 2002 and 2006. John is also a member of West Essex Lodge No 2561, Old Parkonians Lodge No 4709 and Essex Masters Lodge No 3256 as well as Essex Hinge of Friendship Chapter No 9296, Daylight Chapter of Essex No 9806, Old Parkonians Chapter No 6205, Essex Stewards Chapter No 8665 and Essex First Principals Chapter No 3256.

He was appointed a Provincial Grand Steward in the Royal Arch in 2004 before being promoted to Assistant Director of Ceremonies in 2007 and subsequently Deputy Director of Ceremonies in 2013 in which capacity he served for three years. For the last four years John has served the Province as Royal Arch Member Officer (Rambo!), the last two with the rank of Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals and from September 2020 moved across to a more traditional APGP role by taking over the Portfolio of the Chapters in Group B.
John Crudgington