Phil Campbell

Second Provincial Grand Principal

About Phil

Born in Hammersmith in 1965, early years living in Chelsea before the family moved to Southend, after leaving school in 1981 I started work as an apprentice at a local company repairing office equipment particularly photocopiers and when the main engineer decided to leave in 1983 I took on the service managers role. After a takeover of the business and little prospect to advance any further I took the decision in 1990 to go out on my own and started the business that I still run today.

Married to Teresa with 2 stepchildren David (26) & Matthew (23).

At 19 represented Essex in 8 Ball Pool, growing up was a keen roller skater and once skated from Southend to London for charity and appeared on Blue Peter. Likes watching F1, World Rallying, Football and spending time with my wife.

Initiated into Southend on Sea Lodge No.6484 in 1992, WM in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of the Lodge in the presents of the PGM Col Sir Neil Thorne. Then when on to be Lodge DC from 2003-14. Exalted into St Andrews Chapter No.1817 in 1998, I was made Scribe e as a Companion in 1999 until 2002 having helped organised the Chapters Centenary in 2001, MEZ in 2005 then back to Scribe e in 2007 and still in that office. A Craft member of Essex Master Lodge No.3256, Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No.8665, West Essex Lodge No.2561, Bear and Ragged Staff Lodge No.8527 & North Essex Master Lodge No.9831.

A Royal Arch member of Essex First Principals Chapter No.3256 & Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No.8665. Honours in RA, Appointed Royal Arch Steward in 2006 and reappointed in 2007, Provincial Assistance Grand Director of Ceremony in 2010, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremony in 2012, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal in 2017 and 2nd Provincial Grand Principal in 2019. 

In Supreme Grand Chapter appointed Past Grand Standard Bearer in 2016 As Second Provincial Principal I’m responsible for the update and production (printing) of the Pink Book. The update and distribution of the Guidance Notes for APGP’s The co-ordination of the honour forms after submission to the Provincial Office from Scribe E of individual Chapters and population of the spreadsheet incorporating the Matrix. Producing after consultation with the Deputy and Third Principal and with the input of the APGP’s the draft list prior to submission to MEGS for confirmation. Population of the diary and granting of permission to Individual Chapters and Combined Chapters wishing to have demonstrations given by the Provincial Stewards Teams (made up mainly but not solely of Stewards) Chapter Anniversaries and Special Convocations.

The Ceremony of the Veils is at the behest and with the agreement of the MEGS solely. Submission of a request must be communicated to the Deputy before being passed to the MEGS this is usually granted on an annual basis. Sharing with the Third Principal the presentation of Certificates, with the former having the greater role. Attendance, as support, to MEGS or his Deputy when Essex are invited to attend another Annual Provincial Province meeting. Carrying-out Official Visits to previously selected Chapters during the year. Custodian of the succession plan for the RA in conjunction with the Deputy and Third Principal.
Phil Campbell